Are You a Have or a Have Not?

The Haves and the Have Nots story being circulated in current news today is not going to go away any time soon. The income gap continues to separate the two and has become the subject of today’s politics.

My purpose in writing this article for my Blog is to offer marketing tips, online business ideas, and internet marketing information, for people wanting to work at home.

WELLNESS FINACIAL CLOUD thIf I can help even one person that has fallen into the same set of circumstances as I have, the article will have fulfilled its goal. After fighting the system for over a year and a half, looking for a position matching my long history in the Professional Salon Industry, finding the industry that I served for right at fifty years, has changed dramatically over the past ten years, I had to find another way to generate income.

What I have learned and wish that I had learned earlier in my career is that there are basically four kinds of people in the workforce. The Employee, the Self Employed, the Business person, and the Investor.

Unless you were educated early on in these four types of individuals, the general tendency is to go to work for someone, placing you into the majority of jobs out there, as a W-2 Employee. Some of you may have gone the extra step and started your own small business, such as a salon or spa, and are considered a 1099 Self Employed person.

The majority of people in the workforce fits one of these two types and basically trade time for money, limiting their financial growth to how far up the ladder they can climb on the corporate scale of compensation.

The other side of the coin focuses on the other two types, who accept risk, in order to create wealth on their own terms. The Business person is geared to build a volume business that enjoys the effort of their employee and resource base and builds their business on the backs of others. Once the volume is at a level where the business momentum carries the company forward, it is easy to become the fourth person, the Investor, who has the financial foundation and freedom to create wealth using the market forces and the expertise of the people advising them.

WELLNESS FINANCIAL PEOPLE WALKING W BAGS thMy specific viewpoint, now that I know the difference in the four types, is that I wish that I would have gone down the road to achieving my business success, utilizing the Business person and the Investor models, as opposed to working for someone and being at the mercy of the politics and the whim of the owner.

Fortunately, I have always understood and believed in a very basic principle, stating that Health is the first Wealth. I am blessed with excellent health and thankfully have never had to worry about any medical issue. Health is just one aspect of a larger model, called Wellness, that actually covers eight different, yet interlinked categories.

Most of us when thinking of Wellness focus on our physical body and its health, and while this is certainly important in the big scheme of things, the Wellness model covers eight aspects of Optimum Health.

The eight dimensions of Optimum Wellness are: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental.

As I look back at my forty eight years in the Salon Industry, I feel good that my objective with any company I represented, was always to provide people or individuals with better and safer products and the education needed to properly market them and present them to the salon’s consumers, who look to the professional stylist for the products they used and recommend for home maintenance of the salon or spa services.

Today, I am focused on generating income from home, and am focused on three income streams that work synergistically within the Optimum Wellness model.

Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful and balanced existence.

Wellness is a proactive life process utilizing awareness and decisions toward a healthy, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

Wellness, which has become the new  “gold”, is now a status symbol among consumers, who prioritize maintaining their well-balanced physical and mental health. We are experiencing a phenomenon where health is creeping into all aspects of a consumer’s lifestyle and experience.

There are several common threads that stand out across the various definitions of wellness. Optimum Wellness is multi-dimensional, holistic, changes over time and along a continuum, and is driven by the individual, but also influenced by the environment and community. The multi trillion dollar global industry has been consistently growing since the late eighties and last year closed out at 3.4 Trillion dollars, worldwide.

WELLNESS TAG thThe demographics covering the Baby Boomers and the Millenials, support the growth of wellness, as both the older and younger members of these two important demographic groups are looking beyond what the traditional markets offer. The Wellness trend is just getting started and the sooner our awareness brings it into focus, the shift to taking care of ourselves, as opposed to dealing with the rising costs of health care and the many hoops you have to jump through to work within their specific system.

Today I am focused on three work platforms that I represent and their ability to help others, directly and indirectly, with proven Wellness systems that impact their daily life. These three platforms cover a wide range of application for anyone that is trying to better their life on any given wellness level.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, my ability to help the individual includes Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Social Wellness. This material is so important in being able to help anyone with their vocational and avocational self improvement, that I felt it necessary to get the latest information that can impact the lives of anyone utilizing the program.

These are just some of the many areas that are part of the many hypnotherapy applications: Enhancing confidence and self esteem, Accelerating learning processes, Modifying negative behavior, Achieving your ideal weight, Becoming smoke free, Learning to relax, Diminishing stress and tension, Creating self improvement, Controlling fears, Public speaking, Athletic performance, etc.

My plan is to open my Ventura, CA. office in early 2017 with the opportunity to help local Californians with their life challenges. While this position will never make me a millionaire, I feel that the services offered are so life changing that they are critical to offer local residents and make up one of my income streams.

WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY SPIRAL TWO thI am also working with the largest Consumer Direct Wellness Marketing company in North America, and feel proud representing over 500 wellness products that literally cover every aspect of your home and personal care.

My articles on the thousands of chemicals being used in everyday household and personal care products drives the point home that we are literally under attack by these chemicals and the companies that produce them, and attempting to be humorous, call them Chemicals Gone Wild.

This company covers Physical, Social, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental Wellness. What sold me on this company was its Mission and Vision statements, which focus on Enhancing the lives of others, as well as the quality of its Exceptional products at a reasonable cost.

I cannot overstate the problem we all face with the proliferation of chemicals in everyday products. I think it is fair to say that our basic foundations are being undermined by the quantity of these toxic chemicals that are affecting the state of our oceans and waterways and our very existence on the planet. This company offers a great compensation program, bonuses, car allowances, and best of all residual income, which is based on the level of growth you had with the company and how long your customers continue to purchase products. What this means is that after I choose to walk away from the opportunity, I will continue to be paid for all the volume generated for the company, which could be years of this residual income, while I am in retirement.

WELLNESS WHITE FLOWERS TAGwellness_flower_photography_message_note_ultra_3840x2160_hd-wallpaper-1908347If you are someone looking for an extra $ 500 + a month in supplemental income, this opportunity makes sense, with great coaching and mentoring to help all members reach their goals.

My third company is one that made complete sense to me as I evaluated my business career and how forty eight years later, after generating consistent income; due to life circumstances, find myself approaching retirement with a minimal financial picture, forcing me to work longer and harder than expected.

Presently I am working quickly to finalize my training and certifications to become a Financial Planner. The company I represent sold me on their platform, as their target market is the 98% or Have Nots that typically do not have any leadership in how to create wealth and prepare themselves for their retirement.

Typically we see financial planning only for the 2% or Haves that can afford to bring these specialists in to manage their money and assets, but we both have to understand that these consumers can easily hire as many of these financial planners as necessary, as they have the finances to do so.

The average person, being a W2 Employee or Self Employed person, never receives this type of education and preparation for life and in the process fits the category of 2/3’s of the country that cannot come up with a thousand dollars ($1,000) to take care of an emergency.

My excitement level is high, as I understand from personal experience, that unless you receive solid financial information when younger, may wind up as most Americans, with little to nothing for their retirement.

WELLNESS FINANCIAL MONEY thAs a W2 Employee or Self Employed person, the closest financial help for retirement comes from your 401 savings account, which for many people, including myself was wiped out or diminished in the 08/09 downturn. If you have not planned beyond your 401 accounts, it may come as a surprise when you do retire, how lacking you are for the long term care of yourself and your family. While Social Security is one of the three legs of retirement, personal savings and company pensions make up the other two. We know very few people have the income to support a savings program and company pensions are a thing of the past.

Another fantastic benefit of our program is that we come into your home or business and conduct a full Complimentary financial review of what is needed to reach retirement today, when you can do something about it versus waiting to see what luck you may have in the future. Please take my advice now, while you have the time to structure a proper and financially funded program that you can count on for your later years.

This company supports Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, and Financial Wellness.

WELLNESS OCCUPATIONAL CROSSWORDthIt should be fairly obvious that even though I am representing three different companies and income streams that they all work synergistically within the Optimum Wellness model. Wellness minded people will continue to drive the Wellness trend globally for many years to come and organize and tie together the eight aspects of Optimum Wellness.

The intent of the article was to stimulate your creative mind and get you to thinking deeper about where you are today and where you want to be down the road. I hope that it can help some of you determine if you are on the right path as a W2 Employee or even a Self Employed person.

The more solid and long term money is found at the Business person and Investor level, where you can truly build Wealth for the long term, in particular for your sanity and retirement platform. Do not let this area get caught up with the extreme white noise that overwhelms us these days. Start now to critically plan for your future. At the rate of current inflation rates, do not be fooled that what works today will work tomorrow. I remember $ 20,000 homes in the seventies, today the same homes are $ 289,000 and rising. Inflation will continue to erode the value of your money, as prices will continue to go up. The only way to stay ahead is proper financial planning.

If I can help you directly with 1) Hypnotherapy and the many areas, it applies to, such as weight control, stopping smoking, public speaking, etc., 2) Financial information for a full, stable and productive life, with a retirement program, or 3) a Healthier lifestyle for you and your family, with access to wellness products that have removed the toxic chemicals, saving you time and money in the process, please contact me. Your future starts today, and the only control you have over your life is Today. Make it count with good decision making and the willingness to create change in your life. The obvious is that unless you create change, things will always stay the same. If you want your life to be different, invest in change. Visualization Creates Realization.

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The Author, James Hobart, has been an industry leader in the Professional Beauty Industry for more than 48 years at every level and has certification in hypnotherapy. His insight and experience has helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His books, Happiness Is Your Birthright and Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream, and his Blog:, supports his philosophy on life and are practical handbooks and articles to create positive change throughout one’s life. His site: is all about paying it forward and helping others with lifestyle changes.


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