Seminars for Personal Growth

  RE-CHARGE Mind. Body. Life.

A four-hour interactive class focusing on self-improvement and empowerment skills. The program covers a wide range of topics related to understanding the role every individual plays in their personal development, with information that will change their overall perception and the ability to create positive change in their lives.  Re-Charge serves as a pivotal starter program, setting the stage for further learning in other areas of similar interest. The program covers all basic material relevant to creating positive change in one’s life. All attendees will leave the seminar with a method and program to reprogram their behavior and the ability to modify bad habits, curb fears, and resolve personal issues. The objective is to revitalize empowerment, create positive change and open the door to new opportunities in life.

Overview of Topics:

• Road of Life: Where are you presently on your travels?
• Model of the World: Covers the uniqueness of you.
• Mind Dynamics: Explains Mind Theory and how it impacts your life.
• Emotions – Explores how this category affects your daily decisions.
• Priorities and Goals – Are you following a life plan?
• Personal Ledger – An efficient method to start the changes you envision.
• Mind Fitness Program – A life changing program for the rest of your life.
• 90 Action Plan – Leave seminar with a solid plan of action for the next 90 days.
• And More.


 BEYOND WORDS for Effective Communication

A four-hour interactive class defining specific information on how to become a better listener and speaker. Utilizes information from Neuro Linguistic Programming with an application method that guarantees success in any communication format. Shares specific and useful information to use in the exchange of ideas, presentations, and any situation where communication is involved. The attendee leaves with a solid communication system used in therapy, able to see their role in the communication process and to project its ultimate outcome. The objective is to place value on the words used and the role they play in effective communication, become a great listener, manage the communication process and communicate on a congruent basis with the other party.

Overview of Topics:

• Communication dynamics.
• Communication basics.
• Three steps to effective communication.
• Emotions – Explores how this category affects your daily decisions.
• Body Communication – The silent informer.
• Communication system utilizing personality types.
• Testing your personal suggestibility with a proven system.
• How to utilize the Profiling system for more effective communication in any setting.
• And More.


 THE SALES GAME and the Rules for Success.

A four-hour interactive program designed for anyone in sales. Covers the skills necessary to be a great sales person. Breaks down the entire sales process with an emphasis on how to use the information to create and build sales. Attendee leaves fully educated on how to become more involved in the sales process and how to close the sale through customer profiling and relationship building. The objectives are to cover the steps in the sales process with a focus on becoming intimately involved with each one, to learn when to speak or listen, how to build those important relationships, and open the door to new opportunities in life. This presentation is great for entry level sales people, as well as seasoned veterans looking for a competitive edge.

Overview of Topics:

• Sales improvement relates to self improvement.
• Relationships and their role in the process.
• Sales Process.
• Guerilla sales.
• Developing questions.
• Presentation questions.
• Sales close.
• Methods to simplify the closing process.
• And More.



A four-hour interactive program designed by the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, a nationally accredited college and clinic of hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, California. This revolutionary program is easy to learn and requires only a couple of minutes a day to become fully effective. A dramatic demonstration of how your sub-conscious mind is a goal machine, driven to achieve whatever it is programmed for. Creates on-going positive change to reprogram old thinking and create a new philosophy and lifestyle. You can change your existing world by changing the old programming that brought you to this current point. All attendees leave with a new motivational outlook and thorough understanding of what to prioritize in life for their new lifestyle. The objective is to revitalize empowerment, create positive change and open the door to new opportunities in life with a whole new mindset.

Overview of Topics:

• Mind Dynamics: Explains Mind Theory and how it impacts your life.
• The relationship between the conscious and sub-conscious minds.
• How your money fits into the system.
• How to prioritize your goals and objectives.
• The Mental Bank Ledger system for long term real change.
• Reprogramming your Life script.
• Practical application of the new script.
• Achieve greater levels of Success. Prosperity. and Happiness in your life.
• And More



A four-hour program covering all the fundamentals of a simple, yet effective merchandising and retailing program. Covers utilization of space, product dynamics, basic business math, and a proven method for creating a truly winning retail program. The attendee leaves the program well equipped to create a start up retail program or revamp and existing program. Retailing is a great revenue stream that has major impact on the businesses’ bottom line. The objective is to generate useful and applicable information related to the business, showcase and highlight the commercial and monetary aspects of the retail income stream, with the ability to add new cash flow to the business.

Overview of Topics:

• Intro to the history of the Professional Beauty Industry
• The relationship between Service and Retail.
• Sales Process.
• Current Consumer trends and how they affect retail.
• Merchandising your way to success.
• Criteria for line selection.
• Promotion and its impact on sales.
• Margins and Markup
• Suggested compensation programs
• The Model for Retailing success.
• And More.



A full day of information geared specifically for the Distributor Salon Consultant. Covers all areas affecting their daily life on the road with a focus on territory management. Great refresher training for veteran sales people, as well as a solid foundation for the novice sales person. The attendee leaves the program with a new perspective on their role in the sales process and their handling of their business accounts within the context of the many businesses they service daily, weekly, and monthly. The objective is to cover the basic management of a given territory, as well as how to develop a contemporary philosophy for change, instill new motivation and address the increased pressures of the current market’s dynamics.

Overview of Topics:

• Demographics of the target market.
• Categorizing business levels.
• Self Promotion
• What holds the Sales Consultant back?
• The power of communication.
• The role of education.
• Route management.
• The critical objective for each day.
• Relationship building process.
• The role of technology today.
• And More.


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