The new world economy, which has been driving us forward, slowly and methodically, challenges us more than any other period in our recent history. We are still working our way out of the Great Recession and continue to see the greatest wealth and income gap in our history. It is definitely the era of the Haves and Have Not’s.  This has not been lost on the working class, who continue to struggle with stagnant wages, lower today than five years ago. It is so bad that I recently posted two articles with supporting studies behind them, stating that the Average American in today’s economy cannot come up with a thousand dollars ($ 1,000) for an emergency. The other article was more critical, stating that the average American cannot come up with five hundred dollars ($500) for the same emergency. It does not matter which article was closer to the truth, as both are shameful markers in the greatest country on the face of the planet.

WORK FROM HOME BALCK WHITE PEOPLE GLOBEthNothing is etched in stone, the way it used to be. At one time a college degree meant a path to greater income over a typical high school degree, yet today, college graduates are lucky to find positions for forty to fifty thousand a year ($40,000 – $ 50,000) and are loaded with student debt. Used to be you went to work for a company and because of its benefits, programs, and opportunities, stayed with them up to thirty years, when you retired. Now we see typical workers moving seven plus times in their career path, before sticking with their company for any length of time.

This brings me to the premise of my article, which is that the workplace is highly volatile. With many benefits gone from companies and employee loyalty gone, people are chasing shiny objects. These shiny objects promise you everything, including the opportunity to start your own business from home and all of its benefits. This floodgate of thought has many thinking that they can generate six figure incomes from home, which is possible, but not probable. This case is made on the foundation that a novice or neophyte needs basic business information to move up the ladder. If they did not go to school for this foundation, hopefully the company they chose, has mentors and coaches in place to set them on the right path, with checkpoints along the path to keep everyone on track.

After generating great income for over thirty years, life circumstances and a couple of poor decisions midway in my career path forced me to evaluate income production from a whole different perspective, using today’s world model as the starting point.

My new career is based on speaking to many people, sorting through the numbers to find “qualified” prospects for my expanding business. These are people that meet a certain criteria and have been identified to fit basic rules for being considered as someone that has the potential to perform and succeed.

My issue with the business climate today is that there are too many people that place themselves in this category, yet are short in what is actually needed for long term success in this competitive business environment. Everyone wants to work from home, where they call the shots, dress as they want, come and go as they please, and expect income to flow on a consistent basis.

WORK FROM HOME COMPUTER SCREENthUnfortunately, business is still business, and unless you are prepared to meet challenges as a business person, the lack of this type of information will definitely hold you back and possibly waste your time, money and resources.

In a world full of shiny objects that flash across our screens daily, it is easy to become confused, as they all sound like any of them could be the one to take you to the bank and loaded safety deposit boxes. The sad fact is that the marketing behind any company that you see flash across your screen, is set up to bring you in, hook, line, and sinker.

I am blessed, having had two highly successful businesses early on in my career path and then working in the management of sales, marketing, and education departments for many companies over the past thirty six years. I make the point because at some point, we all need to understand at least the basics supporting business and the forces needed to amplify the growth and success of the business we chose.

The following are critical issues related to the necessary personal qualities that define the basis for even thinking of starting your own company. These traits are highly necessary to overcome any weakness in your business acumen and drive you day to day. I have written about these traits many times in articles on my Blog, as I feel that without them, you are somewhat doomed to failure, no matter what your investment and mental state may be.

The following criteria are not exclusive to just a few, but unfortunately many people do not want to put in the work and expect everything handed to them. As we cruise through the various criteria that define the top performers, it is easy to see that these people think for themselves, drive harder than others, and expect results based on their individual effort.

100% Acceptance of Personal Responsibility

This one tops them all, as it should be clear that if you haven’t taken responsibility for yourself, then how can you be responsible for anyone else? Don’t blame the economy, company, or competition. It always comes back to the person staring at you in the mirror! Responsibility is critical for life success. It was easy when we were kids and had no responsibility for anything but being there and showing up. As adults, especially in business, responsibility is a given with any position or job accepted. We are now responsible for the company and its mission and vision plan and our performance are constantly evaluated for maintaining our job description and for positive signs that indicate we are growing within the position.

Above Average Ambition

Top performers by nature drive themselves harder than others. They know that without discipline and consistency, their chances of reaching the top are limited. This area of self improvement more than likely came from their early upbringing. Most of us received our foundation from our mother, who typically is your first caretaker, teaching you life by example. Today that premise is shaken by the many working mothers that seemingly dominate the work force and have handed off their kids to day care, family, and friends. By nature, if you had a strong model in your first caretaker, then many of those traits are passed on, but at the same time keep in mind that children’s minds are fertile and absorb everything, especially until they reach the age of reason, when they now know right from wrong. If the first caretaker was strong willed and properly influenced their child, the case can be made that the child will have similar values, but if the child was born in poor economic circumstances and fend for themselves as they grow up, they will by definition, have a harder time since they had no positive role models at the start of their life.

WORK FROM HOME HOME OFFICEthAbove Average Will Power

Self-discipline is the key to long term success. Strong will power comes from a strong mindset that says I can and will do it. There are no obstacles big enough to counter their thoughts. By aligning a strong mindset with feelings or emotions that coincide, the discipline becomes easier and the results reach another level of performance. Will power is having the fortitude to continue through any and all barriers placed in the way. There is always a way around them, through them, over them, etc. The will to win starts in your mind and with proper nurturing, can deliver the results you expect and desire.

Intensely Goal Driven

Always keep an eye on the ball, and keep setting the bar higher. People in general are quick to set goals, but unfortunately no one taught them how to reach them and in the process, they lose out. Without defined goals, it goes back to the cliché’ “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”. Break your goals down into short, as well as long term and expand each goal to cover all contingencies. Winners and top performers always strive to put their ideas on paper. By writing each goal out, you are connecting your brain to each task by extension, as without a written plan, we are back to wondering how it is going to happen. Winners by nature set their own bar and drive their behavior to meet the expectation.

High Levels of Empathy

Empathy is different than sympathy, as sympathy is feeling sorry for the person’s circumstances, while empathy is the ability to step into the customer’s shoes. By being able to physically feel the other person’s pain or feelings, it brings us closer to the person and sets up a more congruent approach to positioning whatever is being offered. Being empathetic sets us apart and closer to the person, as feelings are the symptoms of emotions. Remember the models of the world discussed earlier. Our only connection to any other person we have communicated with are the bridges we both establish between our worlds. These bridges connect at first with simple things and gradually expand into full term relationships. In relationships, we both know each other’s worlds, as we consistently built on the initial information that created the relationship. Look at happily married couples. They started out socially, but by building consistent bridges through numerous conversations, eventually reach a point where both partners have a wide net of information about each other that builds the relationship.

Impeccably Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, whether in your personal or business life. As the communication bridges, start their building process between the two worlds, we know that what we expect from the relationship is no different than what the other person wants. If you start out by building a healthy and upfront friendship, then getting to the relationship phase, which comes next, becomes a lot easier.  In business, always resist the temptation to fudge and not deliver what was promised. The only way to gain the ongoing trust of your customer is to be as upfront as possible and to continue building the relationship with honesty and a commitment to support the agreement between the parties.

Ability to Approach Strangers

Top performers, especially in sales, know they have to meet and talk to as many people as possible to conduct their business. It is a numbers game because the more people that you reach and speak to are going to generate the universe of potential candidates for your products. If we keep in mind that most people have the same feelings as we do, then it becomes easier to convert them through the use of persuasion and influence. Never assume that the other person doesn’t want your product, that the price is too high, that they don’t have the money, etc. Even when it is uncomfortable, learn to go out of your comfort zone and start the conversation. Start the conversation with simple social skills and start exploring beyond that point to see if their problem can be fixed by your solution. All sales are grounded in the concept that we are offering solutions to counter their issues and problems. Once we know that we do offer something of value and applicable to their problem, we are a lot further ahead than just winging it and hoping for the best.

WORK FROM HOME DOLLAR SIGNthDo Not Take NO for an Answer

There are many publications covering the subject of what signs to watch for in the sales process.  These can be facial expressions, body communication, and open communication. At some point in the process, we actually ask for objections and signs that we did cover the material well enough to ask for the sale. This usually generates one of two answers to our close, yes or no. Never lose faith in continuing to press as many buttons as necessary to elicit a response, as when they initially say no, it could mean that they don’t have the money, that they are not clear on what was presented, that timing is not right, and many more.

If you are sincere in seeing a fit between their problem and your solution, then do not take no as a final answer. Go back through the basics on your product to see if you missed something or possibly didn’t present as well as you could have. Worst case scenario is that you obtain the information needed to set another appointment for another run at closing on your sale. High levels of confidence and self-esteem keep spirits up, as the word No has power and sometimes can be debilitating to the mind. Sales people by their very nature are generally up and expect everyone else to be in the same state of mind. Unfortunately, most people have many things going through their mind and these hidden thoughts can be destructive to your sales close. Get ahead of the game and realize that not everyone will be a buyer for your products and work on narrowing down the universe by speaking to as many people as possible for your long term success and realize the hard work starts when you hear the word No.

The next section of information will focus on what you should be looking for in any company being evaluated for its worth to you and its ability to generate consistent income from home.

WORK FROM HOME DOLLAR INCREMENTS thI have identified twelve key factors that are necessary with any company, if this is going to become a successful venture. They are what I call my Yardstick for Business Startups. Do not sell yourself short. You are the one choosing your next company. Do your due diligence and ensure that you have at least found these twelve points to be active, supporting the opportunity and your work effort in meeting company goals and objectives.

  • Legitimate
    How long in business, reviews, comments

  • Reputation
    Highest rating from the BBB

  • Turnkey business
    Everything in place to start your business

  • Sales Funnel
    Exceptional products at Reasonable cost

  • Brand
    Personality of company

  • Time in Market
    31 years of successful growth every year

  • Systems in place
    Everything needed to conduct daily business in orderly fashion

  • Customer Service
    How well does the company respond to questions, concerns, issues

  • Startup Costs
    Reasonable and affordable

  • Mentoring / Coaching
    Someone guiding and directing your path to success

  • Team
    Company staffing and people around you

  • Duplication
    Has to work for anyone coming into the company

The next area that we need to talk about, are questions that should be answered in a typical “interview” conversation with the prospect. They will tell you what you need to know before establishing any kind of relationship and give you insight into the person and their ability to go the extra mile in building a business.


  • Are you still looking?

  • What are you looking at right now?

  • What kind of work are you looking for?

  • Do you have a computer and a phone?

  • What kind of work have you done in the past?

  • Ready to make a change in your life?

  • Have you worked in a home-based business in the past?

  • What is your current job? And $$?

  • Do you have a family of your own?

  • If you found the right opportunity to make additional money from home, when would you be able to start?

  • How much time could you invest each week in a home business opportunity?

  • What is your educational background?

  • Are you into Wellness?

  • If the right opportunity came along, how much money could you invest to get started?

  • What is your risk?

  • Are you coachable?

  • Why are you doing this?

I leave you with one final thought. When selecting companies to pursue and work, always look for a unique point of difference. Without this Difference, every company starts to look and sound like every other. In marketing we call these Me To or clone companies. Surprisingly, many companies started out by trying to be just like someone else. Without a Point of Difference, you will quickly find how hard it is to drive their sales and growth.

My company’s Difference is based on the following list. If I have done my job in presenting the points stressed for you in this article, take the time to contact me. I will be glad to present why I feel that we have a great future ahead of us and I will always try to help you understand what is being presented and how you should use the information for maximum opportunity.

9 Reasons You Should Consider Our Company for Working From Home


  • Exceptional products at Reasonable cost
    Case Closed

  • Proven support system
    No Risk – 100% Satisfaction

  • Turnkey Business
    Build yours from the ground up

  • Low start up cost
    Amazingly Affordable

  • Flexible schedule
    Work your own hours

  • No glass ceiling
    Go as high as you want

  • Significant Earnings potential
    Opportunity for all

  • Work from anywhere
    All you need is computer and phone

  • Mentoring and Coaching
    Guidance on a clear and focused path

The Author, James Hobart, has been an industry leader in the Professional Beauty Industry for more than 48 years at every level and has certification in hypnotherapy. His insight and experience has helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His books, Happiness Is Your Birthright and Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream, and his Blog:, support his philosophy on life and are practical handbooks and articles to create positive change throughout one’s life. His site: is all about paying it forward and helping others with lifestyle changes.


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