Lack Mental Toughness? This article will help you to understand what drives the phenomenon of the mental “toughness” state and how to reach that mental state for maximum performance in your quest to achieve leadership and a dominant position in your personal and business life.

“Mental Toughness” is the ability to communicate with focus and clarity within yourself, especially under pressure. Your willingness to be your own best friend while understanding that sometimes you can be your own worst enemy might very well make or break you in the process. These online business ideas help you in your endeavors to go beyond the normal and support your efforts in gaining momentum in life. Every great performer has to have Mental Toughness. It is that critical. We were never trained to listen to ourselves, yet we constantly talk to ourselves. I call it your “Monkey mind”, which is constantly chattering away; sometimes offering counsel, many times creating what is called self sabotage.

Self sabotage is destructive in that unless we observe it happening and zero in on it, the outcome based on listening to this negative chatter will only magnify the negatives in the process. This is a skill that has to be learned through self introspection and over time. We are literally in “automatic” behavior mode approximately 88% of the day, directed by your subconscious mind and its file room of information containing every thought, event, happening, and association that has occurred in your entire life. While we think that our conscious mind is in control, as it is the reasoning mind, be cautious. This part of your mind is only about 12% of the mind’s total capacity, reacting to life circumstances and guided by critical thinking. At the end of the day, your subconscious mind and its values, beliefs, and emotions, learned in your toddler years, will have the bigger share of your decision making process.

Here are some suggestions to create a stronger mindset that will help your mind’s drive to create success with life’s challenges and the hurdle we have to overcome in the process. Work at building these into your current lifestyle system and keep using them until they become part of your automatic behavior. Learn how to observe and control your habits, as they are the representation of the automatic behavior exhibited by the sub conscious mind.

Create a stronger sense of mental clarity and focus.

Write down exactly what you want to happen from the objectives established by your goals. This is critical, as handwriting is a backdoor into your sub conscious mind. Prioritize your goals and demonstrate laser like focus until they are accomplished. Here is a quick inspirational secret that will help you achieve greater success, as in these few daily windows of time, your mind’s ability to be open to suggestion is heightened. The first opportunity is in the morning, when you first wake up, lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The second opportunity is at night just before you go to sleep. These two time windows of 10 to 15 minutes give you the ability to start re-programming old thoughts, patterns, and habits into new behavior. The trick is to use these two daily opportunities to think through what you want to happen that day or the next with written notes spelling out specific outcomes. Since your mind is very suggestible at these two time slots, use the opportunity to start writing down specific scenarios and their outcomes.

You will be surprised at how simple this is. An easy way to get started on this approach is to start by writing them down at night or morning, while you are still in bed, with your TV and radio off. If it is at night, write Tomorrow is going to be a great day.” in some sort of journal and sign your name with a date. This is followed up when you wake up the next morning with the statement – “Today is going to be a great day.” signed and dated as before. Just those two statements done for even thirty days will offer you change that will be surprising. The mind works on repetition and a simple number, twenty one (21), which is what is needed to start a new file. Think about weight loss programs; work out programs, etc., as they are based on this simple concept. Do it enough times to create a new habit, one that you are in control of, versus driving through life with your headlights off at night.

Create an Emotional vision of what you want your life to look like, and literally feel the change.

Put your thoughts and your vision in actual hand writing and visualize it on a daily basis. Visualization Creates Realization! Remember thoughts become things. What we see in our mind’s eye is what we reap in our reality. If you feel that your life is over since you lost your job, then it is, until you find another one. I categorize personal change into three areas of life, which work well for setting goals: Success, Prosperity, and Happiness. Let me break these down so they make more sense. Success is about personal change. Weight loss is a great example. Prosperity is all about money and what it can do for you. Happiness is all about relationships and we all know how a bad relationship can ruin a lifetime, if left untreated.

The key factor that is needed to understand with all three levels is your emotional makeup, which starts with a thought, a smell, and an experience that brings back memories that impacted us in earlier life. You have to tap into your emotions and “feel” good about what you are doing or wanting to do. Unless there is a feeling, something that truly grabs you in the solar plexus or heart region, you are not tapping into this rich reservoir of strength and opportunity. Thinking about it is not sufficient enough for action to take place. This is your conscious mind at work, working its rational and logical approach at decision making. In order for real change to take place in our lives, we need to go deep into the subconscious mind that has stored these important values since your toddler years. The sub conscious mind has been building information and experience files all of your life and why it is called your Life Script. Your Life Script is a running movie of your life, with you as the central and lead actor. This means that you can literally change the script or even stop the script. This requires a strategic plan and one that involves commitment and the necessary tactics to see where the necessary changes need to be made, with a plan to go through the repetitive steps needed to create the new files.

Monitor your monkey mind’s chatter for both positive and negative input.

We spoke about this earlier. Learn to really listen to yourself. If you happen to hear negative talk, turn the conversation into a positive one. Always see the outcome and feel its rewards. Unless you create a heightened awareness of understanding what you consistently tell yourself, both positive and negative, your default position is your subconscious mind taking over with its 88% position and allowing the self sabotage to work against your benefit. Learn to think positive and look at a glass half filled as half full and not half empty. As they say, “The Devil Is In The Details”. Little details add up to create large files and in the process create negative habits that do not align with our life goals and objectives. Learn how to affect your Life Script by what you do to change your thinking.

Learn to use your mind for positive change, while accessing the powerful mental states which allow you control of your life.

I am a firm believer that you can re-program your mind, as I have proven it to myself. I won’t take the space to go into my childhood, but years of mental and physical abuse created the person I had become, as I entered life on my own. I was fortunate enough to have access to this type of information later in life and after fifteen years of Mind Fitness as I call it, completely changed the person I have become. I am such a believer in Mind Fitness, that I have authored a book, teaching the ordinary person how to change old files into new ones. I cannot tell you how different my thinking is today after going through this life changing process. The book, “Happiness Is Your Birthright”, is now in e-book format and available on my website.

Surround yourself with only positive people, for the value they add to your life.

Champions don’t run with losers! Many studies in this area point out that the ten people that we consider our closest friends and support team account for our success in life. This is so true. Winners hang out with winners! Listen to great motivators such as Tony Robbins and he will tell you the exact same thing. If you are supported by a team of like minded people with the same life goals and objectives, they can and do help achieve our dreams. Teamwork in this case supports all of the members. Remember the old cliché, “It takes a village.” If you find yourself in the company of negative thinkers, find a way out. Negative people will only continue to drag you down with them and ultimately do not serve your purpose or fit into your life.

Keep a running total of your victories in life.

Review them regularly. This builds confidence and creates positive expectation. Learn from what works for you and what does not. If you followed my earlier statements and understand the two daily windows of opportunity that allow easy suggestions to yourself, then take it one step further and start a journal or manual, entering daily how your day turned out. You want to take the temperature daily so that you can adjust your thinking on the fly. Learn to become your best student and really track what works and what doesn’t.  Utilize your Journal to enter both the morning and nightly entries and learn to use this journal to record important events in your life. After a while if you are observant, you will start to see patterns that are positive and create success, while observing the negative ones that you will learn to change or delete. Look at this as entries into your computer. We know from many years of using computers; “garbage in, garbage out.” The mind works the same way. Twenty one times of experiencing life’s information can start making changes that will impact you in a positive or negative direction. Since you are working to create positive change in your life, you will learn to delete the negative files and their habits. Always ask yourself, Am I doing what I need to do to move forward in a positive direction, or am I letting my monkey mind and its endless chatter side track me in directions that are not conducive to my positive growth and personal development?

Study Success!

Read and listen to positive role models and their life experiences. Personal Growth and Self Improvement materials should be part of your life. There is a library of information online that supports this concept. We are fortunate with this area of study as self improvement is the mantra for the day, especially with the major, current trend of Entrepreneurship that is driving many people in the business world. I have always personally followed Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and numerous other “positive” thinkers, as I feel if they made it, so can I. At the end of the day, what separates all of us is our life experience. If by chance we didn’t have the availability of these positive role models in our youth, today is the day we start to change that premise by reading, viewing, listening, watching these type individuals. Model their behavior and keep doing it until your mind re-programs its old behavior into the positive state that we are anxious to achieve and need for long term success in any endeavor.

Keep Winning in perspective.

Cut out articles and photos that define success in others. Paste them in your Mental Training Journal. Review them to remind yourself of other’s pain. Champions may be born, but extensive studies prove that most champions are made. They are made with a long history of hard work, tireless hours of exercise, and a huge dedication to become the person they want to be. Listen to any great athlete, Olympian, and others in that category. They did not have overnight success. It was a long road to the Winner’s stand, and standing there, they knew and felt how hard it had been, even though the reward was well worth the effort. While winning is not everything, it certainly supports the good feeling of accomplishment and the challenge of expanding the results of your efforts.

Make a conscious decision to do your best by being your best!

Monitor your results while focusing on execution. This is the most critical skill on your road of life and the journey to mental toughness. Even though we made the comparison between the conscious and subconscious minds, keep in mind that we do have the capability and use of the critical, analytical mind, which resides in the conscious mind. This is where Intent and follow through happen. Two critical components that are critical to your success with any objective or goal are Belief and Commitment. Unless these two values are present, you are not going to achieve the levels of success that you aspire to. Belief starts on the inside, feels good, and drives our behavior toward our set goals. Once the belief is in place, unless you are totally and completely committed to doing the hard work necessary to fulfill the expected outcome, at some point it all becomes a house of cards and they all fall down. Hopefully these points will drive your understanding and behavior to incorporating them into your daily life. While the information can be overwhelming, don’t let this get in the way. Start small, maybe use the two opportunities described to start the re-programming process and start seeing the results you want and expect. Everything starts with the first step. By not taking it, you are holding yourself back and the situation will only progress in the wrong direction until you commit to make the changes.

The Author, James Hobart, has a sixty year career behind him, ten in the U.S. Military and forty nine in the Professional Beauty Industry as an industry executive at every level, with twenty years as a Certified Hypnotherapist. His insight and experience has helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His books, Happiness Is Your Birthright, and Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream, and his Blog:, support his philosophy on life and are practical sources to create positive change throughout one’s life.

His support of the global Wellness movement and its eight dimensional model is defined by a focus on three income streams, Financial Consulting with a world class financial services company, a Certified Hypnotherapist with a practice in Ventura, CA and a Wellness Coach with the largest Consumer Direct Wellness Marketing Company in North America. More information is available at or


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