One is the loneliest number. I need your help and support, as I navigate a new pathway forward after forty nine years in the Professional Salon Industry.

As I look back at those forty nine years, with ownership of two successful Redken Concept salons, partnership in a very successful Graham Webb Academy, executive positions with many hair and skin care manufacturers, including Redken Labs, and Matrix Essentials, and management of successful distributors, my conclusion is that I have always enjoyed and made it a priority to mentor, lead, and coach people working with me into higher levels of achievement.

My decision to stay in the Industry that I came to love and enjoy being part of, is only possible with the choices that I have made and worked at in the past couple of years, to be able to help Stylists and Aestheticians with what I consider a critical part of their life plan.

Today I have re-certified in Hypnotherapy, which allows me to help people directly with their vocational and avocational self improvement goals. Including: Enhancing your confidence or self esteem, Accelerating learning processes, Modifying negative behaviors, Achieving your ideal weight, Becoming smoke free, Learning to relax and reduce stress, Turning failures into success, Passing exams, Enhancing athletic performance, and Creating self improvement. 

My backup plan also included getting my Life and Health license and going to work for a world class financial services company whose Mission is all about helping the 98% that typically have no direction as to what to do with their personal money. Currently the 2% are the only ones able to afford anything they want including financial advisors, who they pay a lot of money to “beat the system” and keep the majority of their money.

On a personal level, I have learned the hard way that it is “Not what you make that counts – It is what you keep, that matters.” Yet no one tells us these things when we are younger and able to properly fund long term programs such as college education, large purchases, and ultimately retirement. I will tell you that time moves along faster than we think and all of a sudden if you are like me, look up and wonder what happened that I did not take the time to properly plan for these latter life events.

I have learned so much about “money” that I did not know, and even though I am on the tail end of my life, see light at the end of the tunnel and know that with some hard work, can retire comfortably over the next ten years.

My last entry was into products, as I believe that multiple income streams are the wave of the future. Even though I have always had responsibility for the sales, marketing, and education of manufacturing company’s products, I always campaigned for safer products, devoid of the many toxic chemicals still being used by many manufacturers, as they are less expensive. I went back to a major manufacturer that not only manufactures, but also sells their products directly online. We offer you and your family, Exceptional products at Reasonable prices, by Switching Stores from your typical grocery, drug, and health food stores to our online store, where your Same Dollars are Better spent. A great place to start your journey into chemical free products, replacing many of your current product choices, while saving you money, with the convenience of 24/7/365 online shopping.

Many of you that know me know that I have always put tremendous value on great health and have always believed that Health Is The First Wealth. We are living longer now than ever before and I want to see all of you reach your later years as healthy as you were when you were younger. It is possible, but will take awareness, personal intent, and a discipline to do the right things as you move down the Road of Life.

I am asking for your support as a friend and associate, in particular Stylists and Estheticians, in the Los Angeles area, to allow me to come into your salon or spa and share solid basic financial information that can transform your life. I can be contacted at 213 276 4588 or

As stated earlier and I will say it again, there is No cost for our services. Do not let the thought of what it is going to cost, get in the way of contacting me and getting a firm grip on your future.

Our Complimentary (no charge) services give you a true look at where you stand financially today, and through our mutual conversation, determine where you want to be at the end of your work life. This conversation will build a plan organized for your approval that gives you peace of mind and the security you will need for yourself and your family as life takes place.

Please, put this on your highest priority, as I always point out that the only day you have direct control of your life is Today. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

I have no doubt that I can help any of you in the three areas I have moved into, yet I prioritize financial planning as the one area that needs the most attention. The old, traditional model of retirement planning, called the Three Legged Stool, compromised of Company pension, Personal savings, and Social Security, is broken and outdated. No one is saving money, as there is no discretionary income to save, Company pensions are a thing of the past, and who knows the future of Social Security.

I look forward to hearing from those of you that see and feel the need for change in your lives and leave you with three Yes or No questions that will determine in your mind if you need my help in planning for your future.

  • Were you and your family impacted by the market crash in 08/09?

  • What lifestyle changes have you and your family had to make as a result of the 08/09 market crash?

  • Are you prepared for the next market crash?

In closing, my personal Mission in life is to help individuals and their families, with information that can be used to create positive change in their lives. I value your trust and look forward to working with those of you that understand the changing times and developments that come with these changes.

The Author, James Hobart, has a sixty year career behind him, ten in the U.S. Military and forty nine in the Professional Beauty Industry as an industry executive at every level, with twenty years as a Certified Hypnotherapist. His insight and experience has helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His books, Happiness Is Your Birthright, and Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream, and his Blog:, support his philosophy on life and are practical sources to create positive change throughout one’s life.

His support of the global Wellness movement and its eight dimensional model is defined by a focus on three income streams, Financial Consulting with a world class financial services company, a Certified Hypnotherapist with a practice in Ventura, CA. and a Wellness Coach with the largest Consumer Direct Wellness Marketing Company in North America. More information is available at


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