Responsibility completely supports your role as the visionary leader of your company and the decision you have made in your choice of companies to represent in furthering your life goals. The article supports online business ideas that can help you organize your way through life and the handling of the many resources available to you, as you define your way forward.

The underlying theme of this communication is a term that we throw around, misuse and abuse on a regular basis, yet once understood, can have a Dramatic impact on our daily production. That term is Responsibility.

Webster’s dictionary defines the word as:


  • To consider oneself answerable for,

  • To be in control,

  • Capable of acting rationally,

  • Causing a particular result,

  • Pledging in return.

I used the dictionary’s definition, as I wanted to have as much backing and support to this important word, as I start using the term to describe the short falls of not understanding it adequately and what is sometimes lost in the daily process of life.

Responsibility is the acceptance of the fact that as you enter adulthood, you and only you are responsible for your life’s progress. Up to this point in your life, you always had a backup for your decisions, excuses and actions. These included your parents, the schools you attended, and the churches you attended, as these were the guide posts along your earlier road of life.

As the owner and visionary leader of your company, in your quest to define who you are in producing consistent growth and securing long term financial security, you have to accept complete Responsibility for your actions and all the products you chose to represent through your sales and marketing efforts.

I cannot make it any simpler. You are the only one at the end of the day who is completely responsible for what happens throughout your life. In turn, any company you chose to conduct business with has to accept the same Responsibility and give each and every one of their members an opportunity to develop and grow through their daily efforts, with support at every level. A good relationship is critical for long term success. Without the company’s support, your efforts will be marginalized.

If you do not have the feeling that you are capable of being in charge, you may need to brush up on basic business principles that can help you long term, while you learn the basic business. One way is to establish basic goals and objectives following guide lines and strategy from the company that you have chosen. By consistent monitoring and updating of your business files on the growth of the products you represent, the opportunity for increasing growth and development becomes second nature.

Today the market is still lagging as it catches up to the landscape prior to the 08/09 Market Crash. Everyone is under greater pressure to make things happen, yet we are all chasing the same 10% segment of the market on the upper end of the pyramid, with the disposable income available to make decisions for products you represent. Many of these consumers are still below break-even from the downturn and in many cases are looking for income producing opportunities that can make a difference in their lives. The only way to break through all this interference is to only market products that have a Unique story, Market position, Performance, and a Price point that allows the volume to be built for greater financial reward.

It is imperative to understand a basic principle that applies to your relationship with your selection of the company chosen to conduct business. Once committed to the opportunity presented by the company, you have to accept that it becomes your responsibility to properly represent your company, to conduct business as advised by the company’s policies and procedures, and to instill these same policies and protocols into each person representing you and your company. You cannot have the tail wagging the dog, meaning that you are the driver responsible for the long term growth and development of the opportunity at hand.

You made a conscious decision to select and join your choice of company, to learn the fundamentals of the company, and to present it to your specific demographic and psychographic market segment. I know that you went through several months of checking out the specific company you chose to join: by testing their products, evaluating terms and conditions, setting up your credit status, and other mental gymnastics that came into play as you chose to represent the specific company and its product mix.

I hope the company’s marketing position had a big part in your final decision, as positioning defines the company’s purpose. Without a true and a defined purpose, there is no reason to sell the line with all the clone products flooding the market on a regular basis. We now know that new products, as well as existing products have a tendency to follow similar, existing platforms, making it harder to distinguish between brands and ultimately leaving the final decision to the ultimate consumer. Our position statement or purpose is based on the quality and depth of training and education available to all members, as they progress through the training modules and eventual licensing.

I want you to really understand this valuable piece of information, because positioning separates us from the bulk of products on the market without a purpose. These products will eventually reach a plateau and level off in sales and growth.

It is Your Responsibility to ensure that your company’s programs are being presented properly because we know that when the presentation is crisp and clear, with a purpose, new members are easier to enlist into our program.

To my knowledge, most consumer products are getting harder to position and sell, as the original story has been forgotten, distorted, or not even positioned anymore.

Unless a product has a very specific Marketing position these days, it is getting harder to compete with the numerous other lines on the market that somewhat say the same thing. Remember, positioning is critical for long term success.

Bottom line – a critical term in business and long term growth and success, is that you have accepted Responsibility for a very unique story and an optimum performing product that in 99% of cases is received well by anyone listening to our company’s offerings and the strategy supporting them.

In closing this article, let us review the basic theme of the message. It is all about accepting Responsibility for all of your decisions and actions in your life, supported by the old cliché’ “The Buck Stops Here.”

By accepting responsibility for your life and its activity, you have taken control of how well today turns out and where you are headed the next day. Simple enough concept, “Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.” As the inspired driver of your newly launched business, you have taken on the management of all of your resources. As your responsibility in life grows, you will find that the outcomes and results are more fitted to your expectations, then waiting for someone else to make the decisions for you.

This does not mean that you are the only one that can create success. As you work your plan and your efforts start showing growth, the need for able bodied people to help you is at hand. Responsibility takes over again in hiring the right people to help support your development efforts. Responsibility will continue to be the one factor that separates you from the many that seemingly continue to point fingers at everyone but themselves, and why they continue to have problems in life.

Rejoice in taking charge of your life at any age, by accepting the responsibility necessary to make the right decisions at the right times in your life. By doing so, you will start to see the results that impact the growth and development of your company, as you build your business and the people that will help you support the development and growth of the long term plan.

The Author, James Hobart, has a sixty year career behind him, ten in the U.S. Military and forty nine in the Professional Beauty Industry as an industry executive at every level, with twenty years as a Certified Hypnotherapist. His insight and experience has helped many companies and individuals with their growth and development over the years. His books, Happiness Is Your Birthright, and Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream, and his Blog:, support his philosophy on life and are practical sources to create positive change throughout one’s life.

His support of the global Wellness movement and its eight dimensional model is defined by a focus on three income streams, Financial Consulting with a world class financial services company, a Certified Hypnotherapist with a practice in Ventura, CA and a Wellness Coach with the largest Consumer Direct Wellness Marketing Company in North America. More information is available at or







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