Mind Fitness Questions

What is the difference between Mind Fitness Training and Hypnosis?

Mind Fitness Training is our terminology for Self Hypnosis. As Certified Hypnotherapists, we know the positive value of hypnosis in any form. We have found over the years that many people are somewhat still afraid of the term “hypnosis”, although this area of study has a solid background and history of positive results. As a result of this “fear”, our terminology is contemporary and applicable to a wide range of people. Mind Fitness Training or Self Hypnosis does allow the individual to attain an altered mind state that allows suggestions to be accepted without the conscious mind dictating a right or wrong approach. It additionally lowers stress, relaxing the person, which aids in a reduction of the many negative implications of stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis is a state of intense relaxation and concentration, in which the mind becomes remote and detached from everyday cares and concerns. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind is best able to respond to correctly formed suggestions and imagery. This allows the subconscious mind to focus on the things you wish to change and on the ways that you can best do so.

Hypnosis conducted by someone that is qualified and certified can have lasting positive results with many areas of concern as our next question alludes to. Hypnosis conducted by a certified practitioner are called here- hypnosis and allows the individual being hypnotized to go deeper into a suggestible state of mind, then what Self Hypnosis will allow.

Mind Fitness Training used as a program with consistency can and will help reduce a variety of problem areas such as listed below. We feel that in today’s fast paced world, where we are running at ninety miles an hour and doing ninety different things at any given moment – that we need to make the time to not only work out our physical body, but more importantly to exercise our mind with a solid program such as Mind Fitness Training. Your mind controls your body. It is mind over matter that ultimately wins. Take advantage of contemporary information to take control of your mind and your life. Change your mind. Change your world!

What can I use Mind Fitness Training for?

Mind Fitness Training or Self Hypnosis can be used for a great variety of daily and routine human functions. If it depends on your “personal effort”, then Mind Fitness Training can increase the productivity of your effort to produce new and beneficial results. We are creatures of habit, sometimes these habits not to our liking or benefit. Mind Fitness Training can help you create new habits. It is easy to re-invent yourself. Question is – Are you willing to accept responsibility for the needed changes? Look at the following list and see the broad spectrum that is available to you for change in your daily life.

 Academic – Increase Concentration – Focus – Attention
 Addictions – Chemical or Substance – Break the Habit
 Attitude – How you feel about yourself
 Career Enhancement – Move up the ladder – Quicker
 Concentration – Focus more intently
 Fears or Phobias – Change your mindset on all
 Fitness – Mind – Body – Spirit
 Habits – Change any for a better Tomorrow
 Image Projection – How do others see you?
 Learning – Becomes easier
 Medical – Can be beneficial with minor – major operations
 Memory – Increases your ability to remember
 Motivation – Personal achievement and development
 Pain Control – Learn to reduce and control
 Performance – Increase all – sports – job – academic
 Personal Relationships – Create better – stronger – long lasting
 Sales – Fortify your personal resources
 Self Confidence – Present a strong self image
 Shyness – Boost confidence
 Sleep – Better with increased energy
 Smoking – Quit!
 Public Speaking – Become the person you want to be
 Sports Performance – Increase results – any sport
 Stress – Anxiety – Reduce for a longer life
 Weight Loss – Control dieting – eating disorders etc.

Can Mind Fitness Training help me quit smoking?

In a short answer – Yes! It is one of the hardest habits to break, but it is a habit, so consistent work in re-programming will change behavior to what you program as new information. Smoking is a subconscious need and drive, but the actual behavior is within your conscious control. Some will quit – cold turkey, but remember everyone is uniquely different so it is hard to say how long it would take you. Mind Fitness Training does add value to any program. It is what is done with the information that ultimately counts. It is always up to you as an individual, taking responsibility for your actions. In essence Mind Fitness Training can help tremendously if used with the right attitude, consistency, and effort.

Can Mind Fitness Training help me lose weight?

Yes! Most cases of overweight are a combination of two things: over eating and little to no physical activity. Mind Fitness Training used in conjunction with a lifestyle change in eating habits and exercise program will make a huge difference.

How many things can I personally work on with a Mind Fitness Training Program?

There are many factors that have to be considered before giving a universal answer. What will work for one, may not work for another. We always suggest keeping things simple until you see results with specific areas of concern. Start with one to two things to re-program before confusing the issue and diluting your efforts. Your Mind Fitness Training program will have you in a suggestible state for about ten to twenty minutes. This is perfect to focus your thoughts and energy on one to two concerns. Show progress to yourself and you can take on added responsibility. Remember we are unique individuals. What is easy for one will sometimes be hard for another. Take your time. See results and intensify your Mind Fitness Training program.

Can I improve my sports performance with Mind Fitness Training?

Mind Fitness Training has been known to help and influence all sports activities. Athletes are already more focused then the average person so this program will solidify their efforts in building focus and concentration. Athletes in many cases already use visualization to create realization. Mind Fitness Training methods augment standard programs and increase results with all activities. Case studies show that the power of the mind is stronger then physical activity.

Will Mind Fitness Training help reduce pain?

Yes. There are countless cases in dentistry and medicine where full operations were done with nothing more then hypnosis – a deeper form of Mind Fitness Training. In fact hypnotic pain control – hypo analgesia and hypo anesthesia are well recorded in medical journals.

Will Mind Fitness Training help me with Public Speaking?

Being nervous before any presentation in front of a small or larger group is always a good thing as it focuses your energy on the moment. The problem with many is that they literally get “stage fright”, where they freeze up with a numerous set of physical reactions – nervous stomach, sweat, headaches, etc., that they cannot perform naturally when the moment comes up to say something. Mind Fitness Training will alleviate these reactions as you have taken control of the moment with a more relaxed state of mind and the task at hand. You can greatly increase your control of the fear with Mind Fitness Training.

Can Mind Fitness Training help me with insomnia?

Sleep disturbances come in many forms. If the problem is physical such as problems with the air passage, etc, then Mind Fitness Training may not help, but if the problem is not physical then there is a great chance that Mind Fitness Training will help. Many cases of insomnia do respond well to our treatment.

Will Mind Fitness Training help me with my school studies?

Yes. Mind Fitness Training is great for building and improving concentration – focus – and memory. A consistent Mind Fitness Training program will definitely improve classroom results.

Is Mind Fitness Training safe?

Yes it is, and beneficial to the rest of your life! You will never do anything while in the altered state that Mind Fitness Training puts you in, that you would not ordinarily do. You are in total control while in the relaxed state of mind. You will find that after about ten to fifteen minutes of Mind Fitness Training time, that your mind will naturally start to wander. This is your signal to come out of the state and back to the “real” world. The positive result, no matter what you are working on while in the relaxed state is that you will come out of this short session very relaxed and more in control of your self. These days with stress and anxiety at an all time high, the ability to reduce stress will add years to your life while giving you a new attitude.

Will a regular program of Mind Fitness Training make me more suggestible to suggestion?

Yes, but this has to be considered a good thing. Mind Fitness Training works with three laws: Association – Repetition – Awareness . The more you do it, the better you will become at it. Practice makes perfect as the old cliché goes. The more you conduct Mind Fitness Training, the easier it is to create change in your life.

Can anyone use Mind Fitness Training?

Yes. All of us are conditioned by our unique life experience. Our life script starts actually before we are delivered into the world and continues until we pass on. Since we all acquire habits, fears, and situations not to our liking on our personal road of life, Mind Fitness Training gives us a program to re-program behavior. All of us can use it and will benefit from it.

Do I have to believe in Hypnosis for Mind Fitness Training to work and be effective?

Not necessarily. Most of your “negative” behavior is situated in the subconscious mind. This is where the bulk of your work and effort will take place with Mind Fitness Training. The key factor is your willingness to accept responsibility for yourself and be willing to get into a consistent program of Mind Fitness Training. The results will come from your acceptance that change is needed and the information you allow yourself to use in creating the necessary changes in behavior.


“Whatever your mind can imagine, your mind can achieve.”

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