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Salon / Spa Retail – The Lost Revenue Stream –

A Practical Handbook for the Creation and Expansion for
Contemporary Stylists and Aestheticians’ Retail Programs

James Hobart

This in-depth manual gives you the confidence and much needed valuable information, to start up a retail section in your salon or spa, or allow you to expand on what you have already done.

Salon / Spa retail has dropped off tremendously in volume since the late nineties due to many factors: Diversion, Corporate giants, Stores, Independent Stylists, Commodity products, Loss of Sales Consultants, and a lack of enthusiasm and motivation.

Salon / Spa Retail adds tremendous value to your Salon or Spa’s Service business

You have a Captive audience in your chair, looking to you for suggestions and recommendations, as to how to handle their hair and skin care needs at home, once they leave your salon / spa.

This manual is all about Working Smarter, Not Harder!

Working Harder and Earning Less?

Salon / Spa Retail’s income stream is much more lucrative than Salon / Spa Service

Here is a very simple example:

Salon Stylist has ten haircut clients on today’s book. He/She charges $ 40 per haircut, which generates $ 400. Using today’s financial dynamics, he/she will generate a whopping $ 24 of Profit from those haircuts, as the rest: Salary, Rent, Supplies, Utilities, Taxes, etc., has to be paid and make up 94% of their total income.

On the other side of the coin, if he/she can properly recommend and sell each client two simple products: shampoo – $ 25, conditioner – $ 25, or a sale of $ 50 or $ 500 in total sales, their Profit from the retail sales, will be $ 120. Retail generated the higher Profit margin. The difference of $ 96, offers the Stylist or Aesthetician more options for their lifestyle.

Increase your overall income by doing No more work than you presently do!

This manual will teach you:

• How the current economy directly affects your lifestyle
• Why you need a balanced income foundation
• What Retail is all about
• The math behind your Profitability
• How to properly merchandise your space for greater sales
• How to select the right lines
• What Margins are and how they affect your bottom line
• The dynamics of Promotion
• The three Anchors for long term Salon / Spa success
• How to compensate the Team for maximum productivity
• Eight Key Steps for Retail success in any Salon or Spa
• Learn how Consumer trends affect your business
  and so much more…..


“Retail is the difference between Profit and Loss in many Salons / Spas today.”

Don’t leave money on the table. Learn how to communicate and merchandise the Retail message and create a new revenue stream for long term business stability.


Purchasing Information:

E-Book $ 19.95
Bound Manual $ 30, including shipping

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Do Not Miss out on this valuable and timely information. Salon and Spa clients are looking for direction and guidance. Are you the Professional that will deliver on your promise to help your clients with All of their Beauty needs?

A Personal Message from James:

In the seventies, with two Redken Concept Salons, our annual retail sales were $ 400,000 to $ 600,000. Granted that this decade was the metamorphosis of the Professional Beauty Industry, and cannot be duplicated. The point is, that while the times are different, Salons and Spas still conduct services and could easily establish themselves, as true one stop visits for their clients’ complete beauty needs, including Home Maintenance products.

Salon / Spa Retail is a mind set. Believe in it and it will happen.

As Henry Ford once said,

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

You control your future more than anyone else. Take advantage of this valuable information and get on board. If you are already on board with retail, use the information to become better at what you do and truly become financially free.

“Retail is the difference between Profit and Loss in many Salons / Spas today.”

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