stop-sign-illustration           What Holds You Back In Life?

Ever stop to think why life doesn’t seem to go your way? – Why you cannot reach the top? – Why you don’t make the money you want? – Why you do not have the partner you dream about? – Why you are stressed out all the time?


Quick and Easy answer

It is your Life Script!

Your life script is an accumulation of every thought, smell, taste, feelings, conversations, events, and people that have touched your entire life. It is your personal life path, starting from all the things you heard and felt in your mother’s womb, right on through your life’s path to this very second.   By the time a child is three to four years of age, they are already set for adulthood in their Belief, Emotional, and Value systems.

Our early years developed who we are today. Tell a child repeatedly that they are stupid, dumb and no good and guess what; even though that person when they get older and on their own doesn’t think that way, subconsciously will follow old thought patterns that are deep anchors within themselves and produce behavior that even baffles them.

Many people today, in an effort to earn extra income because of the economy we have inherited, jump from one new “shiny” object or opportunity to another and never quite seem to create success with any of them. They will continue to fail until they have re-programmed old thinking and rid their mind of the negative thoughts and feelings that drive their behavior. Unless they do so, they will always cycle back to their comfort zone, which is the point being made.

Words are labels that bring on thoughts and feelings, but can be detrimental to your success if they are like these:


“Nothing I do makes a difference.”             “The world is cruel and unsafe.”

• “Nobody cares about how I feel.”                 “I am always passed over.”

• “I am always the responsible one.”              “I will never be happy.”

• “I am not good enough.”                                  “I am unlovable.”

• “I am all alone.”                                                   “I am not smart enough.”


It is critical to understand that if you are going to spend money and have the desire to create success online, that the very First Step is to get your Mind in order by re-programming old thinking with thoughts that support your new direction and intent. Happiness Is Your Birthright was written for you, if what I have described applies to you. It is a programmed approach of creating a new mindset, one that supports healthy, positive thoughts, and a foundation to build on as you reach new challenges throughout your life.




Learn How To:


Enhance your self esteem

• Accelerate learning

• Modify negative behavior

• Achieve your ideal weight

• Become smoke free

• Increase mental and physical fitness

• Reduce stress / Increase relaxation

• Increase confidence levels

• Learn to follow through on goals / objectives

• Turn failure into success

Teaches You: Training Wheels for Mental Fitness


A useful Mind Fitness Program for maximum Self Improvement and Empowerment that has lasting results. This system of behavior modification will bring on relaxation, reduced stress and create a mental state for increased improvement. The Mind Fitness Program is the ultimate self improvement and empowerment tool.


• Gain control of your life!

• Become the person you want to be!

• Reach any level of personal success desired!

• Achieve Happiness and Harmony within yourself!


Break the cycle of self-sabotage and disappointment!

Take Charge of the Rest of Your Life!

Invest in Yourself.


Self Empowerment Coach James Hobart draws from his personal experiences overcoming self-defeating behavior as well as his understanding of a vast variety of motivational techniques and exercises to help you uncover and revise the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life. This inspiring handbook will provide you with insight and tools to help you understand the beliefs about yourself that block success. Reclaim your personal power and create the life you deserve.

The life you want is within you. Let James and his inspiring book show you how to expand your Comfort Zone and prepare you for the many challenges of life.

Book Pricing: Hard copy – $ 14.95 / $ 5.00 S&H / Total $ 19.95

Digital – $ 6.99 Order Online at:

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